Your Office Visit

At the time of your first visit, you will be asked to fill out a Personal Information and Medical History form. This information is used by our office for appointment, billing and insurance purposes and by your doctor for diagnosis and evaluation purposes. Please come in 15 minutes early to fill out this form.

Give some thought to your medical history prior to your first appointment so that the form can be filled out quickly and completely. All information provided to us is confidential.

Please bring along any X-rays, lab results, scans or forms (insurance, disability, etc.) that pertain to the medical reason for which you are seeing the physician.

When your turn comes, you will be taken to an examination room.
You will be asked about your past medical history and details about the current condition that brings you to the doctor. The doctor will examine you to determine the nature of your ailment and prescribe treatment.

If it is determined that your situation warrants surgery and your insurance company requires a second opinion or precertification prior to admission, please advise the doctor or his assistant.

Young children generally need to be accompanied in the examination room by a parent or other adult. It is not advisable to bring other children into the room unless absolutely necessary.

When your examination is completed, the receptionists will make a future appointment for you if needed, and will accept your payment and issue you a receipt for payment.