Send us your payment electronically. Please fill in your account number, the amount you owe from your bill and click Pay Now. You will be asked to re-enter the amount and fill out your billing information.

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You are responsible for payment of charges for medical services provided by the clinic. Clinic personnel will gladly submit insurance claims to all major insurance carriers on your behalf. Reimbursement from the insurance carrier will be sent to the clinic, and you will be responsible only for deductibles and co-payments not paid by insurance.


All doctors associated with Central Nebraska Orthopedic & Sports Medicine have chosen to participate with Medicare, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska, Midlands Choice, Mutually Preferred PPO and Medicaid. The clinic will submit all medical bills involving these insurance carriers directly to the insurance company and will be reimbursed for the appropriate portion of the claim. The patient will be billed for any balance that is not covered by insurance.


If medical treatment involves surgery, the patient must furnish insurance policy numbers to the clinic office prior to surgery. All balances are due within 30 days unless special arrangements are made in advance.


Please inform us when you register if your injury or medical disorder is job related and covered under Workman’s Compensation. Authorization of such coverage from your employer is required. You will be responsible for all costs not covered by Workman’s Compensation.


Disability insurance forms will be completed by our office staff and sent directly to the insurance carrier. Your portion of the form must be completed before submitting it to our office.